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someone explain to me what the fuck i just watched

one of the greatest scenes ever put on film

If the youth of tumblr don’t know Beetlejuice, then WE HAVE FAILED THEM.

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 #why are we singing about the taliban and bananas in the same sentence i am just #i’m so confused

oh honey no


omg i cry for the next generation


Giveaway time!

Hi makeup lovers I’m doing a giveaway of some makeup I never use. Keep in mind they are gently used and used a few times or less. I will sanitize them with a light alcohol spray! I just thought it’d be better for someone else to put the products to use and not have them just laying around going to waste. I am sending them off to a better home. :)

Products in the giveaway:

  • MAC blush in Pinch O Peach (medium pink)
  • MAC blush in Style (peach with gold shimmer)
  • MAC Pro Longwear blush in Stay Pretty (light pink)
  • MAC Extra Dimension blush in At Dusk (muted pink)
  • The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent powder
  • Too Faced Natural Eye Palette
  • Custom Inglot Trio 
  • MAC Extra Dimension eyeshadow in Sweet Heat (limited edition) 

Giveaway Rules:

  • Must be following
  • Must be 18 years + or have parent permission
  • International giveaway!
  • Ends August 10th, 2013
  • Can reblog up to 10 times, one reblog is one entry! 

Good luck my loves!



This cat here is Morris, he is a 10 year old happy, playful, cuddling orange tabby. He has been living in an animal shelter for over 180 days. I have only just met Morris today (18/01/13 for date reference) but I have fallen absolutely in love with him. However, Morris has a condition with his eyes where his eyelashes grow inward, causing him excruciating pain. Due to this, he was operated on to try and fix the problem, but the operation they performed didn’t work. This leaves Morris forced to take eye drops constantly, and will need to have another operation or after time, he will go blind. 

I tried to adopt Morris. Morris is sponsored meaning his entire adoption fee (normally $55) is completely covered. Morris is a free cat. The problem with this is that Morris requires another operation to save his sight and to keep him from being in pain all the time. The people at the adoption center knew that my financial situation wasn’t reliable enough to provide him that second operation. So that is where you guys come in, Tumblr

I have seen several posts and have donated to a few causes to help people in bad situations. I know this isn’t exactly my situation, but I want to make it my situation. This cat is 10 years old and in a shelter. He doesn’t even have a real home or family. In the time that I was there at the shelter, he did not leave my lap when I sat down. The only time he moved was to adjust for better petting arrangements. People say sometimes your pets pick you, and I really think he picked me. If I could just raise money to donate him, I’ve been researching what kind of price estimates will be on his treatments, but it looks upwards into 1,000. But he’s worth it in my eyes. 

Unfortunately, I work at gamestop for 7.41/hr. I can’t raise 1,000 dollars soon enough to be able to take him home from the shelter and make sure he knows he is loved and care for. I want to rescue him as soon as possible and let him live out his last few years knowing that he is loved and that I would do anything to help him. Even if I can’t raise the money, I’ve been trying to spread the word about him, just in case someone will adopt him. If someone else adopts him before I can raise enough money, I will make sure anything raised will go to him.

Even if you don’t want to donate to help Morris, please just reblog the message! I hope to at least be able to do something for him other than visit him at the shelter, knowing I can’t even bring him home when I go. (Morris is located at the Bloomington Animal Shelter in Indiana. It’s on Walnut Street if you wanted to look them up.)

Please, please spread the word! Anything helps!

here is the donation link

EDIT: (January 22, 2013) THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO REBLOGGED, LIKED, AND DONATED! THE GOAL HAS NOT ONLY BEEN MET, BUT NEARLY TRIPLED! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!! The money will be used to get Morris his treatment as well as other shelter pets who would otherwise find themselves in his position. Thank you all for your support and your kind words. I am picking Morris up from the shelter tomorrow to take him home with me, and there will be photos and videos on my tumblr if you guys wish to see him. He will see a bet on Friday to discuss opthamology. I just want all of you to know that you are all beautiful and wonderful in every way, and that I know you would all do the same if you were me. Thank you  for allowing me to make this miracle happen for Morris. This is beyond anything I thought humanity could care to achieve. I will try to make a vlog thanking each and every one of you. (and a lot of Morris!) So, please, do not feel obligated to donate unless you want your money to go toward any of Morris’ future vet visits/medications and other shelter animals. (I will be donating some of the donation money to another cat at the shelter named Katie who will most likely also become blind.) THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!! You are all heroes to me, and I will never find the words to explain how deeply I love you all.

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